Product Information

Packaging Materials for Pharmaceutical Products

We can offer ‘Trust and Safety’ with our reliable technologies and experiences.

Please ask us what properties are required in packaging materials for pharmaceutical products. We can make several answers to you immediately.

This is because we have had reliable technologies and experiences for many years, and our customers have been satisfied with our products.

Our products always meet the sophisticated and diversified demand.

  • For Solid Medicines

    We can choose and design a variety of direct packaging materials depending on the Customer’s demand such as ‘Four side seal, Stick pack, Pillow pack’, ‘Aluminum Foil and Sheet for PTP’ and so on.

  • Packaging Materials for Syringes

    We can also offer good quality packaging materials for syringes based on our long-experienced performance in the industry of medical instruments. Our unique technics can make it possible to combine special properties like ‘Sterilization’, ‘Hi Barrier’, ‘UV Protection’, ‘Easy Open’, and make our customers satisfied.

  • Stick Packs for Liquid Products

    Our newly developed ‘Liquid Stick Pack’ can be applied to jelly-form medicine and liquid medicine which are increasing recently. We added the required properties to this product for pharmaceutical products. This is our solution to the conventional troubles of liquid stick packaging.

    Please also ask us not only the packaging materials, but also packaging machine and environment.

  • Others

    Other materials such as ‘Completely Additive-Free Film’, ‘a variety of Anti-Static materials’, ‘Special Coating’ for Pharmaceutical Products are available.

    We passively work on new product development depending on customers’ demand.

Packaging Materials for Medical Products

Expert of Packaging Materials for Medical Products

Packaging materials have been developed for the customers’ demand.

We have kept on a variety of research and development not only about the general packaging materials but also about the packaging materials with special properties in order to correspond to the technologies rapidly progressing.

We provide the better products with our mind of ‘Trust and Safety’, ‘Technology and Quality’ and ‘Environment and Harmony’.

  • Sterilization Bags

    We can produce the sterilization bags for each sterilization method such as AC (Autoclave), EOG (Ethylene Oxide Gas), γ-ray, E-beam, Low Temperature Plasma and so on.

    We can offer 3-side sealed bags, gusset bags, center-sealed bags and other shapes depending on the contents and the sterilization methods.

  • Sterilization Bags (Large Size)

    We can also produce large-sized sterilization bags required for cardiopulmonary bypass circuit and kit products.

  • Peelable Films

    We offer peelable films for bags, trays and deep draw packaging to add the peeling ability required for the hospital use.

  • Films for deep draw packaging

    Deep draw packaging is the most suitable to protect the molded products and the nonwoven fabric products sterically. We offer the appropriate films for each sterilization method.

    We can offer both the packaging materials and the deep draw packaging machines as a whole packaging system depending on your products.

  • Trays

    With the increase of the kit products, there is demand for a variety of the size and shape for the trays. We can offer the appropriate trays depending on your kit products.

    • ・Made-to-order trays can be made as you plan and fix the con tents at the best position.
    • ・Standardized trays are reasonable because an initial mold cost is not necessary.

    The more medical products changes in various shapes, the more cases happen that flexible packaging materials and trays cannot fix and protect the contents only by themselves.

    Forming materials can fix and protect the medical products more firmly.

    • ・We have some grades used successfully in γ-ray and EOG, and antistatic grades.
    • ・We can choose the type of materials and adjust the hardness.
    • ・We offer the better product protection with secondary process such as Slicing, Slitting, Punching and Water Jet.
  • Mounts

    We offer mounts to fix and protect the products firmly.
    These mounts are suitable for catheters, sharp products and so on.

    We can use PP, PET or Paper and customize the size.
    Complex shapes are also available.

General Packaging Materials

We offer ‘Trust and Safety’.

Food, Health Food, Industrial Materials, Household Goods and etc.

‘Trust and Safety’ is essential in a variety of fields including the safe of food.

We provide our materials to the customers in those fields and also provide offer large bags for industrial use such as tea and seaweed.

Please ask us the best packaging materials to pack your precious products.

  • Food, Health Food

    By combining the good design and good shape, our packaging materials can maximize the attractiveness of your products.

    We offer our good quality products with our long-term experience in pharmaceutical industry to the customers in health food industry. (Stick Pack, Bags with Zipper, PTP and etc.)

  • Others

    There are many kinds of Household Goods and they stand by the Consumers’ lives.

    For this reason, we produce the packaging materials considering safety for the use of consumers.

Barrier Bags (Large and Small)

Please also leave the special bag manufacturing process up to us.

  • Hi-Barrier Inner Bags for Large Cross Bags

    Aluminum foil is the outstanding barrier material to protect the contents from oxygen, water vapor and so on. Our Inner Bags for Large Cross Bags take the advantage of this good barrier property.

  • Hi-Barrier Small Bags for Heavy Materials

    Required properties vary depending on the contents such as Food, Chemical, Industrial and Raw Material. We can produce large bags with gusset and zipper.

    We also offer the appropriate bags for the acid materials like aromatic preparation.